The Progressive Web App (PWA) movement continues to grow now that Google will officially support in-app purchasing leveraging Google Play payments on Chromebooks and Android devices. The feature is slated to be released with Chrome OS 89 in March 21 but can currently be tested in Chrome OS 88 behind a release flag.

These new APIs will allow features like in-app payments and subscriptions with a single click while delvering the same experience users are used to with the Google Play billing flow. It will also include the ability for the user to save credits and payment info.

Progressive Web Apps are web applications that have additional features such as offline mode or ability to start from the Home Screen. They continue to be a growing trend with developers as the features available to a progressive web app have skyrocketed over the past year with features such as the ability to save to a local file system. Now that you can publish a PWA in the major app stores, large firms like Starbucks, Uber, and Flipboard have turned to PWAs for their user base.

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One limitation up to this announcement is that PWAs couldn't leverage the Google Pay experience from within their web application like you could with a native Android application. These new Digital Goods API with Google Play will give developers the ability to add in-app payments and subscriptions with a single click using the Google Play flow that Chrome users are famaliar with. Additionally, you will now be able to save credits or payment information for future purchases making for an overall better experience.

The future of PWAs is bright and I expect more firms will migrat away from native development now that there is a built-in way to generate revnue from PWAs on Chrome OS.