GitHub Universe concluded recently with the release of their annual State of the Octoverse 2020. This year's report offers insights on a year like no other. The main take way from the OctoVerse is: The developer community is strong and resilient even through major disruption and change.

The opening statement of the report highlights this:

> 2020 has been a year of extraordinary change. Yet with 60M+ new repositories created this past year, one thing has remained true — developers came together from all corners of the world to innovate, find connection, and solve problems.

One interesting take away from this report was is that there was seemingly more development in the community. With developers having to balance child care or the monotony of the home office, there was actually an increase in developer's working together in open source projects. So while developers are working more than ever before due to the flexibility of the work environment, they are also spending extra time on open source projects for the greater good of the community.

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Unsurprisingly, the most popular languages of 2020 include Python, JavaScript, Java and TypeScript. Python continues to be ranked above Java since it surpasssed its ranking last year. TypeScript has had a meteoric raise in popularity in 2020 due to popular JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React. And while PHP used to reign supreme in web technologies and used in close to 80% of websites, it now continues its downwards trend as devs look to other web technologies like JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python.

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Everybody will remember 2020 for how it uplifted everybody's life as they knew it. However, the 2020 GitHub Octoverse report reminds us that our developer community finds ways to persist throughout it all.